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Golang is a very fast, highly scalable, cross platform, compiled, type safe programming language that supports concurrency and facilitates the productive development of applications.


Golang via the standard database / SQL package and SQL database drivers has excellent support for databases. There are Golang database drivers which enable you to easily work with Postgres, Oracle, MySql, MS SQL, Redis, MongoDB, SQLite and more.

Web Services

With Golang, creating high performance web services, microservices and APIs are easy. The Golang standard library includes functionality that make multiplexing to many handlers and responding with JSON trivial.

Cloud Development

Golang, being designed for concurrent cloud based systems, is particularly well-suited to cloud based development.

Web Development

Golang is a modern programming language for modern web development. With Golang you get great memory and latency performance, and libraries that do what you expect.

Responsive Webdesign

Combining responsive web design with Golang micoservices results in an extremely effective, scalable and efficient website, that will out perform your competitor’s websites with ease.

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